“Forms are moving and born, and we are making new and new revelations. And that which is open by us cannot be closed. And it’s ridiculous to fit our time into old forms of the past”

Kazimir Malevich, “Black Square”

Caring and Responsible

pioneer is founded in 2020, reflecting the economic and technological challenges the business has encountered. Changing stereotypes of a classic law firm, pioneer opens new opportunities and follows core principles of protection of the client’s interests. Trying to make a revolution in standards and minds, we designed our logo to encompass color and forms’ essentials in a style that follows a suprematism art movement.

With that in mind, pioneer is based on the idea to transform the traditional concept of services into innovative, caring and responsible advice given to our clients

Our pillars

Industry-specific approach
Innovative tech solutions
Transactional and business expertise
Pursuit of professional excellence
Team-oriented work

Green Pledge

Our world is a fragile piece of porcelain, and only with the combined efforts its beauty and diversity may be preserved

“Responsible” in our motto is not a simple word. At the very start, we are committed to run a clean and green business by valuing paper and plastic turnover. We are going to further integrate the environmental sustainability policies into our operations and act according to the internationally recognized standards

We hope you will be inspired by our example to make this world a truly better place